I used this power supply from diamond before and everything worked well after a few months.

When I started with digital modes the problem began, always my cellbridge were broken.

Mines was broken four times a year, I was tired and give the diamond gsv3000 a few modifications.I’am sure that this power supply can not deliver 30A when you’re in a contest or do digital modes.

I found myself these negative points :

1. The fan is inside rather than outside -> so you blow hot air to the cooling

2. Cellbridge is on a small cooling plate -> cooling with the fan inside is not enough

What I’ve changed :

I brought the fan which was inside to the outside of the power supply, so that now the cold air from outside to inside can blow otherwise standard you cool with warm air inside.

Secondly, I take a large cold plate with another extra fan on it and change the cellbridge to a bigger one, standard 30 Ampere I took one of 50 Ampere;


After I brought this modification on the power suplly everything works perfect now. No problem with heating, everything remains little hot and thats all. Also when I use it for contest or digital modes (50 Watts) It stays ok for me. I was glad that I have changed everything and now I have a good one.Summarized, it is a very good power supply but if you use digital modes or you are going to do with a contest the power supply will be hot and the cellbridge are broken after a few times.

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