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Inside the shack..My main radio is the Yaesu Ft-950. I use it for SSB and digital modes as RTTY and PSK31. I have the MD-100 deskmic connected to this radio.The radio is connected to my netbook Pc (Asus Eee PC 1201HA) or my PC and can be controlled trough the local network or internet. For remote controlling I use the Ham Radio Deluxe suite by Simon Brown. My backup radio is the older Kenwood TS-180S. I still use it from time to time. To power both radios I use two Diamond GSV-3000’s switched power supplies. For VHF local FM communications or repeater work I have a Yaesu FT-7800R and an Old Kenwood TS-700G 2m allmode and the last one only for 70cm I use a Kenwood TM-441E. To control the antenna I use the rotor of Yeasu G-1000. On my netbook Pc to log all my QSO’s I use Ham radio deluxe software to work digital modes like PSK31 or RTTY. For antenna on HF I using a 3 el for 10,15,20 m about 21m and another one also a 3 el for 12,17 m about 23m above groundlevel. For VHF/UHF a simple vertical of diamond X-300 about 17m high and 90cm parabolic for 23cm and a 90cm parabolic for 13cm. I recording all my MP3 file with ham radio deluxe software and edit with WavePad Sound Editor.

My name is Davy Van Loon and I was first licensed as an Amateur Radio Operator in 2000. I was issued the callsign ON2BJB. My second licensed was in 2001 as ON1DSQ. After 2004 I had the Biggest Licensed to work on All Hf Bands with my callsign ON7TZ .I’am be married since 1998 with my wife Ann and we have one little but cute daughter Lore. Lore is borned on november 2004 and likes the sounds of HF and other amateur stuff great. Maybe later into the futher she will be also radio amateur as YL on the radio. We are most active on HF Bands 6,10,12,15,17,20,30,40,80 Meterbands on modes phone, psk31 and rtty.  What about my work? I am a maintenance technician in cardboard business not far from my Qth since november 2008 before that I was a mechanic at a company where they makes sailing and hunting boats it’s called “ETAP”, but it is unfortunately closed. I hope to give you a lot of information about myself here. Maybe we will meet each other on the band.
Just follow real-live my logbook on internet and also when I’am online where I’am on frequentie click here.



– Send an enveloppe with your own adres (SAE/SASE)

– Correct stamped IRC or 2 US Dollars

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